How to Repair QuickTime Files on Windows 7?

QuickTime players play videos with great clarity. They are very easy to use on your Windows computer. At the beginning, it was released for only Mac platforms. Now there is a build for even Windows computers. While using video files on your computer, you may come across any situation leading to corruption of file. What can be done in such circumstance? You do not have any other copy of QuickTime videos which are corrupted. Do not panic, you can perform QuickTime fix Windows 7 or any other OS computers using Fix QuickTime File software.

You may wonder how the QuickTime file gets corrupt when you use it very carefully. Consider a situation when you are transferring some QuickTime video files from your Windows 7 computer to any external drive. While moving the file, something went wrong and the transfer process got interrupted. When you checked for QuickTime file which was being transferred, it is not opening now. This can happen to anyone and make you lose access to your important data on corrupt file.

Common scenarios in which QuickTime files get corrupt:

  • Header corruption: Virus infection corrupts QuickTime file and make it inaccessible. Mainly it corrupts header of the file. The source of viruses may be any file from externally connected drive or insecure internet connection. You can fix QuickTime movie header using Fix QuickTime File software
  • Bad sectors: Bad sectors developed on storage space where QuickTime file is saved on Windows 7 computers corrupts the file and makes it inaccessible
  • CRC error in MOV file: CRC is the code which is unique for each file. If any undesirable changes are made in QuickTime file then you may get CRC error checking it from opening
  • Forceful shut down: In case you forcefully shut down your Windows computer when QuickTime file is playing in background then you will lose access to the file which was open during system shut down

Whatever may be the situation in which QuickTime file is corrupt, you can QuickTime fix Windows 7 using Fix QuickTime File software on your computer.

Software performing Windows 7 QuickTime file repair:

Fix QuickTime File software helps you to repair Win 7 QuickTime files. You can fix MOV and MP4 videos using this utility. This application performs repair process of QuickTime files corrupted after various unfavorable scenarios. Hence it can be even used to fix rendering QuickTime file. This program repairs not only QuickTime files on hard drive of computer but also on other external drives like USB drive, memory card, external hard drive, etc. that are detectable on your computer. One of the best features of fix QuickTime siftware is that this repair application does not alter or change the original file while repairing broken QuickTime file. This tool supports QuickTime fix Windows 7 having NTFS, MTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 and exFAT drives. This software can perform Windows 7 QuickTime file repair and also fix files on other OS like Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2003 and Windows server 2008.

Simple steps to repair Win 7 QuickTime:

Step 1: Download and install Fix QuickTime File software. Select corrupt QuickTime file and a healthy file of same kind for reference of repair tool to fix corrupt file. Then click on “Repair” button

QuickTime Fix Windows 7 – Browse File Screen

Fig 1: Browse File Screen

Step2: Software starts scanning to fix QuickTime file as shown in Fig 2.

QuickTime Fix Windows 7 – Repair Progress Screen

Fig 2: Repair Progress Screen

Step3: After completion of scan process, you will get the information of repaired QuickTime file as shown in Fig 3. You can preview the file using “Preview” button

QuickTime Fix Windows 7 – Preview File Screen

Fig 3: Preview File Screen

Step4: Save repaired file using “Save” option as shown in Fig 4.

QuickTime Fix Windows 7 – Save File Screen

Fig 4:Save File Screen