How to Repair Truncated MOV File?

MOV is a QuickTime file format developed by Apple Inc. It is a multimedia container file which contains various types of data such as videos, audios, effects and subtitle in a single file. This MOV file saves in system drive with .mov file extension. This file format widely used for different types of media file including 3D, audios, animations as well as videos. MOV file has a number of advantages such as easy for transferring or sharing across the network, compatible with various systems, conversion to other file formats and many others. Being most preferable video file format, MOV is not free from problems.

When people try to play their MOV file with media player, then it shows different behaviors like video plays without audio or sometimes it denies to play. This behavior of MOV file can occur due to the corruption of it. After the damaging or corruption of MOV file, people want to repair truncated MOV file at any cost because this MOV file can be very important for them. In this painful situation, people need an advanced program like Fix QuickTime File to overcome from truncated MOV file issues. There are so many courses which may lead to MOV corruption, let us discuss few of them in detail:

  • Corruption of MOV file can happen due to the fragmentation of hard drive in which this file is saved. This mov file truncate situation occurs when user frequently modifies, delete or create a new file.
  • Incomplete MOV file transferring process between the devices can also be a reason behind its damaging. If user disconnect external drive or cancel the MOV file moving process in between, then MOV file can be truncated.
  • Using any third party tool for converting MOV file to another format can also truncate it. In conversion process, if user stops the process or choose any inappropriate option, then it will truncate the MOV file.
  • Playing MOV file with unsupportable media player will lead to its MOV file header corruption. If the header of MOV file gets damaged, then it will deny to play.
  • If MOV file gets infected with several dangerous viruses, then it may be truncated because these viruses damage some information of MOV file.    

  • Features of Fix QuickTime File application:

  • It supports to repair truncated MOV file which can be recorded by using Nikon camera, iPhone or any other electronic devices very easily.
  • Available for Mac and Windows computers to repair damaged MOV file on all the versions of both operating systems without any much difficulty.
  • After repairing truncated MOV files, it enables users to take the preview of repaired MOV file before saving them to other memory location.
  • Capable to fix and repair MOV file which can be truncated, not playable, broken, damaged, inaccessible or corrupted with in few simple mouse clicks.    
  • Fix QuickTime File app can be utilized for repairing MOV file which is show MOV file not found error message without any difficulty.
  • Enough potential to repair truncated MOV files or MP4 videos which is showing 8971 error message while playing easily.

  • Steps to repair truncated MOV file:

    Step 1: Download and Install Fix QuickTime Fiile software. After launching the app, choose truncated mov and press on the Repair” button.

    Repair Truncated MOV File - Main Screen

    Fig 1: Main Screen

    Step 2: Software repairs truncated mov file as you can see its progress.

    Repair MOV File - Repair Progress Screen

    Fig 3: Fix Truncated MOV File

    Step 4: The repaired MOV file can be viewed with other details.

    Repairing Truncated MOV Files - Preview Option

    Fig 4: Preview Option

    Step 5: Save repaired MOV file to any safe location.

    Repairing MOV File - Save Screen

    Fig 5:Save Option