How to Fix Header of a Video File?

Every file contains a header & the body part. Generally header of a file contains all the details like modification date / time, file format & other properties & the body contains the video. Whenever a video is played, the operating system first verifies the header of that particular file & then only it allows you to play it. But if the header is corrupted then the video cannot be played.

The common reasons of movie file header corruption is due to improper compression techniques, malware attack or file system corruption. When a file is uploaded or sent over the network, it is always advised to compress & transfer it. Many users end up with an improper compression technique & as a result the file that is compressed, becomes inaccessible. The corrupted movie file sometimes displays a green screen in place of a video. You will be able to hear the audio but the video will not be visible. Visit to know more about it.

Viruses also play a big role when it comes to corruption of any kind. Usually a virus enters your system when an unsecured website is opened or a malicious file is downloaded. As soon as the virus encounters a file, it starts corrupting it. The first thing that is affected is the header of a file. This then makes the file inaccessible & the video is no more playable. You might get error messages like 8971. To know more about repairing this error, visit this page.

Also when your system gets switched off suddenly due to a power surge or a forced restart while installing a third-party tool, the file system is the first that gets affected. This will then make all the files & folders saved on your system, inaccessible. In order to make them accessible again, use Fix QuickTime file software. The videos might also get corrupted after recovery errors or restoring the deleted / lost files using a non-reliable recovery tool. So, in order to fix mov not playing after recovery, this tool can be a perfect option.

There are many unique features that make this software the best among other repair softwares. It has advanced repair algorithms that helps in fixing almost all kind of corrupted or damaged MOV files. Other than mov file, this software is also capable of repairing MP4 files. These is no need of any technical knowledge as the tool has a wizard style interface that can be easily operated by even a tech novice. It is available as a free demo version that allows the user to perform the repairing process & judge the quality by previewing the fixed file. If the user is satisfied then the full version can be purchased & the repaired file can be saved on a desired destination.

Many people also had the rendering of MOV video file problems when it is playing on QuickTime or any other media player. To resolve this issue, you can go through this software. Get more details on how to repair rendering MOV files over this page -

Steps to repair QuickTime movie header

Step1: After installing the tool, browse for the corrupted mov or mp4 file & pressRepair” button.

Repair QuickTime Movie Header - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step2: Wait until the tool repairs the file.

QuickTime Movie Header Repair - Repair Progress Screen

Fig 2: Repairing Video Screen

Step3: After that a summary report is generated.

Repairing QuickTime Movie Header - Preview Screen

Fig 3: Preview Screen

Step4: Preview & save the repaired file.

Fix QuickTime Movie Header - Save File Screen

Fig 4: Save File Screen