Repair MOV VLC

You might have encountered a warning saying that “This MOV file is broken” when you try to play MOV file in VLC media application. With the help of inbuilt “Repair” option in VLC media application, you must have tried to repair MOV file. But this fix was not permanent, because next time when you played MOV file same warning was displayed again. As a result of this you will be worried how to repair MOV VLC permanently? Don’t panic!! Here is the solution. You can use Fix QuickTime file tool to repair MOV VLC with no worries. It is a perfect solution whenever MOV file is not played properly.

MOV is the multimedia file format that is compatible to play with any media applications. Most of the digital cameras and camcorders support this file type. Generally, the VLC media player is a portable free media player both for various audio, video codec’s and file formats. It has advanced features, for example when any MOV file is broken then VLC media player automatically scans the file and prompts an option to repair. As this repair process is not permanent every time when MOV file is played in VLC media player, the user needs to repeat the process again and again. Well, you don’t have to repeat the process. You can use Fix Quick Time File tool to repair MOV VLC in fast and effective way. It provide best graphical user interface which helps you to repair unfinished MOV file in short span of time. If you want to know more about how to repair unfinished MOV file then, go through this link:

However, there are many various circumstances where your MOV file might get corrupted:

  1. Unwanted interruption: MOV file gets corrupted when VLC media player abruptly terminates during read or write process is being carried out.

  2. Virus Infection: Due to virus infection on your system, the VLC media player or any other player might get corrupt which can damage MOV file header. Media application may terminate suddenly when you try to play virus infected MOV file. So, in order to fix video file header, you can make use of this effective tool.

  3. MOV File Conversion: MOV file are converted to other file formats for playing videos on different media players. If you try to convert the MOV file by using third party application, then it might result in corruption.

  4. Other Scenarios: There are many other scenarios where MOV file might get corrupted such as sudden system shut down while transferring the MOV files from camera to system or vice versa, recording a video using digital camera or camcorder when memory card is full and many more.

Under above circumstances you may want to know how to repair MOV VLC? Then the appropriate solution for MOV VLC repair can be obtained by using Fix Quick Time File tool. This tool allows you to repair all popular formats of videos from any storage devices. You can also utilize this app to repair truncated MOV file by using few simple mouse clicks very easily.

Salient Features of Fix Quick Time File tool:

Fix Quick File is a perfect tool for repairing MOV VLC in safe and secure way. This tool is user friendly which allows you for MOV VLC repair. It is specially designed to repair MOV file VLC that are corrupted / damaged. This tool has a powerful algorithm that resolves all kinds of problems relating to a corrupt movie. Other than MOV file, this tool is also able of repairing MP4 file. With the employment of this tool, you can also repair rendering MOV files which are stored on hard drive, memory card, pen drive etc. This tool has completely automated repair process and hence there is no need of much user intervention. If you are unable to open or play QuickTime file on your Mac Mavericks machine, then use this and fix QuickTime Mavericks MOV file. For get more information about QuickTime Mavericks fix, visit the following link: Once the repair process is performed, you can inspect the quality of MOV file using “Preview” option.

Procedure to repiar MOV file VLC:

Step 1: On the main screen, select MOV file using “Browse” and select Repair” button as shown.

MOV VLC Repair - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Once it is finished, use “Preview” option to play the MOV file before storing it as shown in Figure 2.

Repairing MOV VLC - Preview Screen

Figure 2: Preview Screen

Step 3: You can select any place to save the repaired video file using “Savebutton as shown in Figure 3.

Repair MOV VLC - Save Repaired MOV File

Figure 3: Save Repaired MOV