Repair Cycorder MOV Video File in Mac Operating System

Is your cycorder MOV file got crashed in Mac operating system?

Are looking for a perfect application to repair cycorder MOV files in Mac?

Do you want to repair your cycorder MOV video files?

Then you are in the right place for the counter mechanism. Cycorder is an iPhone application for recording high resolution videos and also used as application for video calling purpose. The saddest part is it’s not available in Apple store. This is because the application violates Apple’s disclaimer policy. So it is available only in jail broken iPhones. Jail break is the process of removing the access restriction for your iPhone and allow other free and paid applications that are not available in the iTunes and Apple stores. There are several problems for the iPhone MOV files in jail broken IOS that can corrupt the MOV video files in your iPhone.

Until today there is no proper iPhone application for repairing cycorder MOV video file errors. The worst part is if the Apple store is opened while jail breaking the iPhone then the store services is stopped for that particular iPhone because jail breaking is not officially encouraged. There are several reasons that a cycorder MOV video file may get corrupted.

They are listed below.

Conflict of cycorder app with the default iPhone video recorder app:

iPhone has its own video recorder application. In the core irrespective of the 3rd party video recorder application like cycorder, the iPhone default app is the first deployed application for recording videos and after a few milli or micro seconds the raw video will be passed over to the 3rd party application. While transferring the raw MOV video file to cycorder there are wide range of MOV destruction and distraction which ultimately corrupts the cycorder MOV video.

Unsupported or malicious video codec used by the video players:

After an iPhone been jail broken, it allow users to install a lot of applications. Along with that spywares, malwares and virus etc. may enter your iPhone. As a result, these vulnerable programs will try to reinforce the MOV file to act accordingly this will corrupt the MOV videos created by cycorder.

Recording videos at a faster frame rate:

At time recording videos at higher frame rate will affect the recorded MOV video files apparently. Cycorder is one of the applications that boost the speed of video recording. Due to the overwhelming of the video recording speed quoted in iPhone default will definitely ruin the MOV video.

These are just examples, in real time we can deploy and experience more. As I said before, you can repair corrupted MOV video files by using perfect Mac MOV repair software. One such wonderful tool is provided here. This tool can repair all kind of MOV file formats created in cycorder application used in any iPhone models. Ultimately it replicates the source corrupted MOV video and then performs repair process on that duplicated video file to ensure further corruption of the source MOV video. All the user need to do is to just install this application in any of the Apple PC with Mac OS X or above versions and follow the instructions provided below.

Step 1: In the main window a browse box will be there using it add the corrupted MOV cycorder video to the application and hit ”Repair"

Repair Cycorder MOV Mac - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: This will start scanning the MOV file and repairs all by itself and gives the final repaired output.

Fix Cycorder MOV files Mac - Progress Screen

Fig 2: Repair Progress Screen

Step 3: The user can preview the repaired video and save it any of the storage drives.

Repairing Cycorder MOV Mac - Preview File Screen

Fig 3: Preview Video Screen

Fixing Cycorder MOV on Mac - Save File Screen

Fig 4: Save File Screen