Repair Recovered MOV file that is Not Playing

"My recovered MOV video files won't play properly. What is the reason & how can I make them accessible?"

At some point of time each of us are suffered deletion or loss of our favourite or important video files. The loss can be due to accidental deletion, formatting the hard drive or any other storage device where the file has been saved, corruption due to a virus infection that leads to loss of files or intentionally removing some files and later realizing your mistake. After you encounter any of these situations, you start searching for recovery software, using which you can easily get back all your video files. But the problem starts when a non-reliable recovery tool is used to bring back deleted / lost files. This may corrupt the file header that makes it inaccessible & most probably recovered MOV file not playing. The recovered mov files will not play properly in any of the video players. In order to know the process of repairing movie files with header corruption, visit

If your recovered MOV video files won't play perfectly then there might be a problem with the recovery tool that you used for restoring the deleted or lost video file. The fact is, using a non-reliable recovery tool can further corrupt your already corrupted files & even other files & folders. They might have some malwares that affects the damaged files. There are some tools that even replace all your original files with the new recovered ones. This is more damaging as after that there is no option left for you. You cannot use another recovery software to try for recovery once again. The video files that you recovered are not accessible & you don’t know what to do. There are different kinds of problems that you will face with a corrupted video file like, recovered mov file not playing in your QuickTime application, you will get different error messages or there will be a green screen in place of video. Don’t worry as the Fix QuickTime file application has been specially designed for this purpose. To know how the green screen problem can be fixed on Mac operating system, refer this link: If you avoid this problem then your recovered mov files will not play as per your expectation.

This tool is the best among all the other mov file fixing tools available as it has a special inbuilt algorithm that can easily & efficiently fix the corrupted mov file that is not playing in your QuickTime. You can also repair QuickTime 8971 error without any difficulty. Other than the corrupted file due to recovery error, this tool is capable of fixing movie files that got corrupted due to virus attacks, file system corruption, interrupted transfer, downloading or uploading error, etc. In any of these cases, your recovered mov files will not play. This software has a very intuitive user interface & does not require any technical knowledge to perform the repairing process. The user just have to follow the on-screen instructions & the corrupted mov or mp4 file will become playable in just few mouse clicks. To get more information on how to fix a corrupt video file, you can read here - The tool has an evaluation version that can be downloaded for free & checked for performance. If the user is satisfied with the results then the registered version can be purchased. After buying the full version, the repaired mov files can be easily saved on a desired destination accessible to the host operating system.

If you have a MOV video file rendering problem due to any reason, then also you can use this software. It can fix rendering video issues and makes it as a perfect video. Then you can observe this video playing smoothly and continuously on QuickTime player. For more details to repair rendering MOV file, one can visit here -

Few easy steps to repair the recovered MOV file not playing:

Step 1: After downloading the demo version, install the tool & launch it.

Restored MOV File Not Playing- Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: On the main screen, select the corrupted mov or mp4 file & click on “Repair” button.

Fix Recovered MOV File Not Playing  - Preview Screen

Fig 2: Browse File Screen

Step 3: The tool will start repairing the file.

Repair Recovered MOV File Not Playing - Save Screen

Fig 3: Repair Progress Screen

Step 4: After that a summary report is generated.

Recovered MOV File Not Playing - Save Screen

Fig 4: Preview File Screen

Step 5: Preview & save the repaired file.

Fix MOV File Not Playing - Save Screen

Fig 5:Save File Screen