How to Fix MOV File Not Found Error?

Are you unable to play the important MOV file on QuickTime player or any other media player? If yes, then employ Fix QuickTime File software that will help you to fix all kinds of corrupt or broken MOV files with utmost ease. Sometimes, you may get the error message like “MOV file not found error” while trying to play the MOV file. This kind of error note indicates that the video file is corrupted and has to be fixed in order to make it playable again. Know more about fixing MOV file not found error, then go through this page and get the best way to get rid of such types of issues.

The MOV file format is one of the most popular compression format which is developed and used by Apple in order to reduce the overall file size without compromising the quality of video. But, there are various reasons that make your important MOV file unplayable or system may display an error message like “MOV file not found error” while you are trying to open it. In such type of situations, the first question comes into your mind may be how to fix MOV file not found error? Do not feel panic! You can easily fix .mov file not found error with the use of one of the most powerful and effective tool - Fix QuickTime File app. It has fully automated repair process with advanced features which even helps you to repair unfinished MOV in an efficient way.

Some common reasons due to which you may face MOV file not found error:

  • Improper download of MOV file from the internet or incorrect export or import of .mov files may lead to the corruption of MOV file and as a result system may display an error message like “MOV file not found error”.
  • Sometimes you are trying to play the MOV files in unsupported media player. This action may result in corrupted or damaged MOV file, making it unplayable.
  • Virus attack or Malfunction on your system while downloading any unauthorized application from the internet may cause severe damage to hard drive and might be one of the major reasons for the corruption of MOV video.
  • If the video file is saved or stored on bad sector part of the hard disk then also it may cause  unaccepted error like “MOV file not found” while trying to play it.

If you are facing above mentioned scenarios, then you need some powerful and effective utility in order to perform .mov file not found error fix. There are so many tools available on internet to accomplish this task. Fix QuickTime file software is among the best tool to fix .mov file not found error. It has rigorous scanning algorithms to scan the drive quickly and find the entire corrupted MOV file within couple of minutes.

Some features of Fix QuickTime File software:

  • It can easily fix .mov file not found error along with MP4 files in short span of time.
  • This software provides best user friendly interface to fix all corrupted, damaged, broken or bad QuickTime file with utmost ease. To know more about fixing broken QuickTime file, visit this link:
  • It can fix MOV video errors on all advanced versions of Windows and Mac operating system such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, OS X 10.5, and others.
  • It has capability to fix .mov file errors of a particular file stored in different types and brands of storage devices.
  • Fix QuickTime File tool has ability to separate the audio and video files and adjoin them in order to produce healthy MOV file without any efforts.
  • This software can repair MOV file generated by various cameras such as Nikon, Samsung, Kodak, Sony, etc. Thus this tool can be utilized to fix Nikon MOV file with utmost ease.

Simple steps to fix file not found error on .mov:

Step 1: Get the demo version of Fix QuickTime file utility and create the desktop icon. After that  open the application.

Fix .mov File Not Found - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Window

Step 2: On the main screen, choose the damaged .mov file and press on “Repair” button.

Fix .mov File Not Found - Browse Screen

Fig 2: Browse File Screen

Step 3: Wait for this software to resolve .mov file errors.

Fix .mov File Not Found - Repair Progress Screen

Fig 3: Fix Corrupted MOV File

Step 4: After that the repaired MOV file can be seen with all its details. With the use of "Preview" option view the repaired MOV file.

Fix .mov File Not Found - Preview Option

Fig 4: Preview Screen

Step 5: Save the resolved MOV file to any location of your choice.

Fix .mov File Not Found - Save Option

Fig 5:Save Screen