QuickTime Mavericks Fix

QuickTime (QT) is a most popular and default multimedia player for Mac based computers. However, QT player now also designed to support Windows based computers. Using this media player, one can play any video files, audio files, panoramic images, view internet videos etc. in extremely high quality. Usually .mov video file is called as QuickTime file. But sometimes, QuickTime player refuse to play .mov file.

Because, there are various scenarios that lead to corrupt or damaged MOV file. Once MOV file gets corrupted, then it becomes unplayable on any of the media player including QuickTime player. Suppose you are a Mac Mavericks user and come across QuickTime file corruption scenarios then what will you do for QuickTime Mavericks fix? How can you fix QuickTime MOV Mavericks? Which tool would you prefer to fix QuickTime MOV file on Mavericks computer? Don’t be tensed! Now you don’t have to get worried about QuickTime Maverick fix! Why? Because, now you can easily come to know how to fix QuickTime Mavericks MOV file by using an efficient tool called as Fix QuickTime File Software. This efficient tool is capable to fix audio lag QuickTime i.e. it can fix various issues related corrupted QuickTime MOV file within a short period of time.

How QuickTime file may get corrupted on Mac Mavericks computer?

  1. Abrupt Termination: While playing MOV video file on Maverick computer, if QuickTime player gets inappropriately terminated, then there might be a chance for corrupt or damaged QuickTime file.
  2. Header Corruption: Header file comprises of essential information about the file. So, if QuickTime file header gets corrupted or damaged, then Mavericks QT player refuse to open the corrupt MOV file and display error messages. If you want to know how to repair QuickTime movie header, then visit: http://www.fixquicktimefile.com/repair-movie-header.html.
  3. Round Tripping: Frequently changing file extension from .mov to other video formats and again back to .mov is called Round Tripping. But if this process gets inappropriately terminated or end up with some errors, then there are chances for Mavericks QuickTime file corruption.
  4. Other Reasons: The other factors that lead to QuickTime file corruption on Mac Mavericks machine are virus attack. Power surge, interrupted file transfer, bad sectors, software conflicts, codec issues, improper download etc.

These are the common scenarios which results in corrupt QuickTime file on Mavericks computer. However, all these issues can be easily solved or you can get to know how to fix QuickTime Mavericks MOV file by using this advanced Fix QuickTime File software. It also assist you to fix .mov file not found error with utmost ease.

Highlighted benefits of using Fix QuickTime File Software

Fix QuickTime File is an award winning tool which has been recommended by industry professionals for fixing QuickTime Mavericks MOV file. It has been loaded with automated repair process for QuickTime Mavericks fix. This tool has an ability to fix broken QuickTime file in just a couple minutes. Other than Mavericks, it also supports other Mac OS like Mac OS X, Mountain Lion, Leopard, etc. This utility has intuitive interface that provides onscreen instructions to know how to fix QuickTime Mavericks MOV file. In addition MOV video file, it is also capable to fix corrupted or damaged AVI and MP4 files. This program has potential repair video files stored on HDD, flash drive, iPods, digital cameras, camcorders, memory cards etc. QuickTime Mavericks fix can be done efficiently and very effectively as this tool offers easy, safe and fast repair process. Other than Mac, it can also repair MOV file on Windows computers. Its preview option enables you to preview fixed QuickTime file before restoration.

Procedure to Fix QuickTime Mavericks:

Step 1Select the corrupted QuickTime files & click on “Repair” from the main screen after downloading and opening the utility.

QuickTime Mavericks Fix - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step2: After the finish of fixing process, software displays a list of fixed files which you can view using "Preview" option.

Fix QuickTime Mavericks - Preview Screen

Fig 2: Preview Video Screen

Step3: Buy the software online to "Save" the fixed QuickTime files, and the enjoy watching your QuickTime video on Mac Mavericks computer.

QuickTime Mavericks Repair - Save File Screen

Fig 3: Save File Screen