How to Lock .mov File?

A MOV file is the multimedia file format that is used to save video files or movies. MOV video format is also a basic format for MPEG-4 which is widely used in video sharing websites.

MOV video files are very popular and provide numerous benefits which other video file formats don’t. MOV files offer high picture clarity, more reliable, has advanced compression technique and can be played on operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Mac and many others. MOV files are very easy to edit and can be embedded well with any other program.

Many times, you store so many private files in computer, which should not be disclosed to others at any cost. To protect that information, you follow different ways like protecting the account with password, hiding the file manually etc. These all protections may be meaningless if you allow others to use your system for some time. All the information like private video, movies or any other information stored in your system can be easily accessed by the one who is using it. So, to get rid of this problem i.e. to protect different types of videos with password, you should employ Remo MORE application. This tool is an appropriate one if your video files are in MOV format, because video file locker is mainly designed for .mov files. To password protect a .mov file requires just simple steps.

MOV video files are not completely secure on your computer or mobile devices as they are highly vulnerable to problems like data theft. This is one of the big drawbacks with MOV video files. Therefore to overcome this you can password protect a .MOV file using Remo MORE Software.

Many users follow different technique to protect information from strangers. Compressing your .mov file to an archive format and setting password to it. Where there exists a risk of corruption of file at the time of extraction. As a result, you will lose your important video from system. Because of this you should avoid this way to lock .mov file preventing illegal access. Therefore prefer Remo MORE Software which is password driven. No one can use this application to lock any other file or unlock any locked folder without a master password.

Remo MORE Software is an all in one application that helps to assign password to a single or multiple MOV video files. It includes amazing features to lock .mov file on computer drives, USB sticks or any other external hard disk. Besides MOV files, you can lock other video files including MKV, AVI, MP4 etc. This software can lock a folder as well as different files individually in another folder. You can also use this application to clean temporary junk files, delete duplicate data, improve system performance, defrag hard disk etc. this software is compatible with different operating System along with Windows, Mac to protect video and other files with ease. Furthermore the tool helps in assigning protection to other files like address book, photos, bookmarks etc.

Steps to Password protect a .MOV File:

Step 1: Download and Install the demo version of the software and launch the software. Select “Manage” option from the main screen and then click on “File Manager” option from the next screen to lock .mov file.

How to lock .MOV file?

Fig 1: Select File Manager Option

Step 2: From the next Window, Click on “File/Folder Locker” option to protect MOV files with password.

Locking .MOV file?

Fig 2: Select locker Option

Step 3: Now, you have to add the MOV files that you want protect with password and then click on “Lock” option.

Lock .MOV file?

Fig 3: Lock MOV File