Fix iPhone Videos

The iPhone is an integrated cellular phone which is made by Apple Inc. This Smart phone uses Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. It has been built with many advanced features due to which it can be used as music and video player, digital camera to capture and record HD images and videos, PDA, instant messenger etc.

This iPhone can also be used to access internet and to store lots of data such as Video files, images, music, applications, and much more. Among all these data files, video files are very important files which might be your favourite downloaded and shared movies, vacation video clips etc. But, sometimes you may face many issues related to your video file while playing it on iPhone, such as audio lagging behind video and vice versa, audio continues to play but video freezes, and more. Even sometimes your iPhone refuses to play the video files. All these problems are mainly due to corrupt video file. The video files may get harmed due to various reasons on your iPhone device, for which you will be searching a best tool to know how to fix iPhone videos in order to watch or play your favourite video without any interruption.

But now you need not to search for a tool to know how to fix iPhone videos, as your search has taken you to the right place in order to fix iPhone video files. Just make use Fix QuickTime File tool which is specially designed to fix error video files and for fixing iPhone videos in a small amount of time.

Scenarios for iPhone video file corruption

  • Header Corruption: File header contains all the necessary information of a video file. So, if the file header gets corrupted, then the video becomes unplayable on your iPhone device.
  • Improper Download: As an iPhone user, downloading video files is a very common process. But, while downloading if any interruption occurs then it leads to video corruption.
  • Changing Video File Extension: If you frequently change the video file extension on your iPhone using some unreliable third party application, then there are chances that your iPhone video may get corrupt or damaged.

In addition to all these scenarios, there are few more reasons that lead to iPhone video corruption such as abrupt ejection of iPhone from system or power surge during video transfer, codec issues, incompatible media player, severe virus attack, and more. In order to overcome from all these scenarios one can make use of this app which is a best iPhone video fixer to fix iPhone video files. Have you faced QuickTime 8971 error and would like to fix it? If so, then you can make use of this effective repair tool to fix 8971 QuickTime error in just a few clicks of mouse.

Advanced benefits of Fix QuickTime File app

This is an effective tool which has been recommended by many industry experts to fix iPhone videos. It is a best and advanced utility available in the market to fix corrupted video files for Windows and Mac systems. This iPhone video fixer repairs audio and video stream separately and then syncs them perfectly to make a health and playable file. This video fixer works perfectly to perform H264 MP4 repair and make it playable on iPhone within fraction of seconds. It can easily fix large video files. Quick time file software has an ability to fix video files on digital cameras and camcorders.  It is built with simple user interface that helps even non-technical person to know how to fix iPhone videos. While fixing iPhone video, it does not modify the original file. After fixing iPhone video, it facilitates you to Preview fixed videos before saving them. Visit: to fix audio lag QuickTime.

Simple instructions to fix iPhone videos:

Step 1: Download and launch the application to select the video that you wish to repair and click on “Repair”.

iPhone Video Fix – Main Screen

Fig 1: Open File Screen

Step2: You can observe the progress bar after the software begins the repair process.

Repair iPhone Videos – Main View

Fig 2: Fix Progress Screen

Step3: After finishing of video file repair process, the app shows repaired video with its full description.

Fixing iPhone Videos – Renovate MOV File on Windows System

Fig 3: Preview Video Screen

Step4: You can save repaired iPhone video file to your location.

Fix iPhone Videos – Save File

Fig 4:Save File