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Apple's QuickTime media player works perfectly on both Apple and Windows operating systems. If you are a QuickTime user then it is most probable that you might have encountered the following errors while trying to open a movie file through QuickTime media player - "Error -2048: could not open the file because it is not a file that QuickTime understands" or there is no synchronization between audio and video of a movie. MOV file format is specially developed for QuickTime player, so almost all the users get problems with their .mov file only. Usually, when we encounter any kind of problems with the movie file, the first thing we do is download the file again from the internet. But you can't be sure, as this time you will find a non-corrupted file. And just think what will happen if that video was of your brother's wedding. You can't make your brother marry again just to make that video. Don't worry, I have a solution to fix QuickTime videos. Keep reading to know how to fix broken QuickTime files.

Fix QuickTime File is a tool that has been specially designed to repair QuickTime files that are either corrupted or damaged. The software has the ability to repair damaged QuickTime file on both Mac and Windows PCs. Its powerful algorithms fixes almost all kinds of errors or problems with a corrupted .mov or .mp4 movie. Let's see in which situations, Fix QuickTime File will help you to fix QuickTime movie/video file:

  1. Audio - video out of sync: Sometimes, when you play a movie, you find that the audio and video of that file are not synced i.e. either audio is ahead of the video or the video ahead of the audio. The reasons could be, converting one file type to another using an unreliable third-party tool or downloading a corrupt file from the internet.

  2. Corrupted movie header: File header contains all the vital information regarding that particular file like its name, extension, creation date, size, modified date, etc. If this header is corrupted, there is a possibility that the file also gets corrupted. The header is usually corrupted due to a virus attack or a downloading error.

  3. Error 8971: Sometimes you might get an error message saying that "Could not open the file - Error 8971". This error might occur due to codec issues or maybe the file is corrupted due to sudden system shutdown, virus infection, interrupted video transfer or incomplete download. So, in order to fix QuickTime 8971 error, make use of this effective repairing tool. It has been developed especially to fix QuickTime files.

  4. The Movie not playing: Often times we encounter a message "The movie could not be opened. The file is not a movie file" error when we try to open a corrupt movie file. The main reason for the corruption can be CRC error that takes place when there are bad sectors in the storage device that is holding that video or any kind of extra bits are added into the video during transmission. Another major reason that can produce this error is recovery error. Suppose your system crashed & you lost all the files or you accidentally deleted some of your important Word files. You used a recovery tool to bring back all those files but to your surprise, some or all or your Word files were corrupted. This could have happened because the recovery tool that you have used is not a trusted one & it damages your important files. Visit to more about it & the process to fix QuickTime video file.

  5. Green screen problem: Suppose you downloaded your favorite movie from the internet & when you play it, you can hear the sound but the video is not visible, you are getting a green screen instead. Don't go and download the movie again as you can easily fix QuickTime files using this tool. Check this page to know the process of fixing the green screen problem on your Mac OS. This problem might occur due to upgrades of QuickTime application, downloading error or the QuickTime application failure.

See how to fix QuickTime video files

Step 1: Run the Fix QuickTime File software on your system

Step 2: Browse the video file and click on the Repair button

Step 3: The tool will scan the media file and return a healthy file

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