Repair QuickTime Videos on iMac

iMac is range of computers designed and built by Apple which work under Mac operating system. Mac operating system is built for Macintosh line of computers. As in Windows and other OS, Mac operating system also provides various features. Media player is one such feature which allows Mac users to enjoy verity of videos, audios etc.

QuickTime videos are widely used in iMac computers. QuickTime players support QuickTime videos. It allows iMac users to enjoy various formats of digital video, pictures, sound, panoramic images etc.

One of the main problems affected by iMac users is the loss and corruption of data from the system. Corruption of QuickTime video files is one of such irritating situation where the most loved and most valued video files cannot be opened and it refuses to run on the media player. Many of the users are ignorant of various reasons for corruption of QuickTime video files. Some of the main reason for QuickTime file corruption is explained below.

    1. QuickTime video files can get corrupted due to any error in bit pattern or error in file structure. This error can occur when iMac computer face power failure or sudden shut down. So it can be told that sudden shut down and problems like power surge results in damage of QuickTime videos.
    2. There is a chance of damage of QuickTime videos if we try to open the file in a media player which won't support QuickTime video files. Doing so damages the header of the file and leads to the corruption of video files
    3. QuickTime video files may get corrupted while trying to convert it to another file format by using a third party application which is not suitable for the conversion of the file.
    4. The QuickTime video files stored in a storage media which having bad sectors, virus infection and other software problems can damage the video files.

    These are some of the main scenarios that cause damage of the QuickTime video files. Don't worry about the damage of the file when application like fix QuickTime is functional in iMac. It can repair damaged video files irrespective of the corruption scenarios. Some of the main features of the application are:

      1. The application is very useful to fix QuickTime video on iMac which are damaged due to various reasons. Similarly it can repair corrupted .mov, .mp4 files that are not playable on QuickTime media player.
      2. It will fix QuickTime video on iMac and it allows the user to preview the repaired file before it is saved on the disk.
      3. This tool can automatically separate audio and video stream and fix QuickTime video on iMac by adjoining them.
      4. This utility is able to fix header of corrupted video file and thereby makes it playable on media players.

      Guidelines to fix QuickTime video on iMac:

      Step 1: From the main screen, select a healthy file and particular corrupted video from iMac hard drive volume. After selecting the corrupted QuickTime video files click on Repair button.

      Damaged QuickTime Video Files

      Figure 1: Main Screen

      Step 2: Wait until the repairing process is under progress.

      Fix QuickTime Videos

      Figure 2: Repairing Process

      Step 3: Once done with repairing process, Preview the files and then save it on any desired location using "Save Repaired File" option.

      Repair Damaged Video Files

      Figure 3: Save Option