How to Fix Error in QuickTime File?

File is used to store some information, may it be any documents (word, excel) or media files (images, videos, movies) or any other files. QuickTime player is a type of media player developed by Apple Inc. It is developed by Apple, but it supports both Windows and Mac Operating System. It is capable of handling various formats like video, audio, images etc. It is one of the oldest containers still in use and stores video files in the format of MOV. While accessing QuickTime video files there is a chance of error occurring in these files.

Do you want to know how to fix error in file? Here is an answer to fix QuickTime error. You can repair video files easily using Video File Error Fix software which is developed by professional experts with advanced featured algorithms. Video File Error Fix recovery has a user friendly interface that can repair QuickTime files quickly and easily. If you are facing audio sync problems when you try to play a video file on QuickTime player, then to fix this audio sync problem visit:

Scenarios for the errors in video file

Out of synchronization: Sometimes there is a possibility that video and audio stream of movies does not match, which is a disaster to watch. This might probably be because of video file damage. This can happen while converting files from one type of file to another file. In order to fix QuickTime error Sony Vegas, make use of this advanced software which can easily fix the errors that occurred when playing files in Sony Vegas. Apart from this, you can easily fix corrupted MOV file. If you encounter any problem while playing MOV file in QuickTime then make use of this utility to produce healthy playable video again. You can get more info here:

Sudden power shut down: If you shut down the computer accidentally while accessing the video files, then there might be a chance of video files getting corrupted.

Downloading error: While downloading any videos, if any interruptions occur like low network connectivity, termination of download or downloading from third party websites etc., then you may get corrupted files which cannot be accessed.

Some of the QuickTime errors are:

"The movie could not be opened. The file is not a movie file": This indicates a corruption of video file.

"The movie could not be opened. An invalid public movie atom was found in the movie" : This error indicates that the video file is correctly structured, but some features inside video file are not valid.

To fix QuickTime error in file, use this software which fixes every problem regarding QuickTime files. It can repair QuickTime error 8971 or any other error types.

Salient features of Video File Error Fix software

It is a well suited tool to repair a QuickTime video file which is damaged or corrupted. It is very easy to implement and to use this software. It is a completely automated repair process so the users no need to have any technical knowledge to use this tool. This tool can give guarantee to fix QuickTime error. To repair, it separates both audio and video stream, then after repairing process completes it adjoins both the stream. Not only video files, it is also capable of repairing QuickTime MOV files that may have damaged or corrupted due to any reasons. The software can even mend MOV file on Windows as well as Mac Operating Systems. Suppose if you have recovered a movie using some recovery software and if it is not playing means, no need to worry. Follow this link to get a solution for your problem

This tool provides the "preview" option in the demo version, so the user can get to know about the software before buying original. The method used by Video File Error Fix tool is completely different and better compared to other repair tools and provides the best answer for the people who are thinking how to fix error in file?

Procedure to know how to fix error in file

Step 1: Download and install video file error fix application to the system. After the completion of installation, a new window appears. Browse a corrupted video file. Click on Repair button.

How to Fix Error in File - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Scanning process is initiated and the tool starts repairing the file

Fix Error in File - Repair Progress Screen

Fig 2: Repair Progress Screen

Step 3: After the completion of repairing process, it displays the description of the repaired file. Preview the file using “Preview” option.

How to Repair Error in File - Preview Screen

Fig 3: Preview File Screen

Step 4: Save the recovered file. If you are satisfied with the demo version of this software and to know how to fix error in file easily, buy the original product key software to save the file.

How to Fix Problems in File - Save Screen

Fig 4: Save File Screen