Repair 8971 Error in QuickTime

“I’ve tried to play a short movie that I downloaded on my QuickTime player and keep getting an error message. The number of the error is: -8971. The file is a .mp4 extension. Is there any way to fix this and see the movie?”

This is a very common scenario that might have happened to almost all of the QuickTime users. The first thing that every user thinks of, is to download the file again, but that does not work every time. There is a chance that the files you download again is also corrupted. You will just be wasting your time on downloading the file again & again. So, now you might be thinking that “How to fix QuickTime Error 8971?”. Don’t worry as this article deals with this error & will provide you the best solution for repairing your favourite videos. First let’s know the reasons of getting error 8971.

Downloading Error – If the process of downloading a file is interrupted then there are chances that you might get corrupted files that will not be accessible. The reasons for download failure can be server not responding, bad internet connection or manually terminating the download process.

Malware Infection – Suppose you downloaded a file from an untrusted source then the file that you have downloaded, may contain malicious data that can corrupt that file & all the other files that comes in contact with it. This will affect the video files saved on your drive & makes them corrupt.

Sudden system shutdown – If there is a sudden power surge or your system gets shut down due to some other reasons, then there is a possibility that the videos that were being accessed at that moment gets corrupted. When you try to open those video files in QuickTime player, you get this 8971 error. You might also get a green screen when you play a corrupted video file on your Mac OS. To know how to fix it, visit

QuickTime application upgradation – Sometimes you encounter error messages in the video files that played perfectly before some days. The reason can be the updating of the QuickTime application. The version you were using before the upgradation was compatible for your system, that’s why video played correctly. But this version is either not compatible with your system or it is not stable.

Reason might be anything, but ultimately the problem is faced by the user only. To get rid of the error 8971, Fix QuickTime Files has been developed. This tool contains an inbuilt powerful algorithm that helps in repairing the corrupt MOV or MP4 files, so that you can play them once again. This tool is capable to repair QuickTime movie header efficiently & retains all the original information of that file like file name, size, creation date, format, etc. The tool is a read-only software & has been tested with a quality anti-virus that makes sure that the corrupted files are not further damaged. The interface is very user-friendly that even a tech-novice can operate it without any difficulty.

If you have used an unsecured third-party recovery tool to restore deleted MOV files & now the file is not playable then read this article to know the solution.

Steps to fix QuickTime error 8971 –

Step 1 – After downloading & installing the tool, select the corrupted movie file & click on “Repair” button, from the main screen.

How to Fix QuickTime Error 8971 - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step2: It pop ups a window after the fixing process completes, with a preview option. Click and preview the repaired video file.

Fix QuickTime Error 8971  - Preview Screen

Fig 2: Preview Video Screen

Step3: Buy the software online and enjoy watching the QuickTime video once you save it on your system.

QuickTime Error 8971 Fix - Save File Screen

Fig 3: Save File Screen