How to Fix a Corrupt Video File?

Maybe you have captured lot of videos when you are on a trip with your family or friends. All videos are saved in MP4, AVI, MOV or any other format and you copied those videos to your computer. However, when you try to play the videos, the video player displayed that your video has been corrupted. At this situation, how do you fix a corrupted video file? The solution for this video corrupt error can be obtained using a fix QuickTime file software. This tool is designed to detect and fix errors in the corrupted video files. You can fix QuickTime error 8971 and make your video file as complete playable. Are you unable to play MOV file in QuickTime? If it is true, then make use of this efficient application to make your MOV video playable again. With the help of this software, you can easily fix corrupted MOV file in an effective and efficient way. For more info, visit:

What causes the video file corruption?

There are several factors behind video file corruption; it may be a user mistake or unknown software errors. Some of the video file corruption scenarios are explained below.

  • Recording a video using camcorder or digital camera when the memory card is full
  • Digital camera or camcorder error while recording a video
  • Video file header corruption due to unknown software error
  • Interruption or CRC error while downloading videos from email attachment or any other website
  • Virus attack on the storage device containing video files
  • Frequently changing the video file extension from one format to another format

The videos encountered the above errors can’t play properly. The video may get frozen when you are playing it on any media player like QuickTime, VLC or Windows media player. Under such circumstances you may want to know how to fix a corrupt video file? Then the appropriate solution to repair corrupt video files can be obtained using fix QuickTime file software. This tool allows you to repair all popular formats of videos from any storage device. It will get the copy of a corrupted video to fix it so that there is no chance to cause anymore damage to your original file. Repair corrupt video files with excellent performance and accurate result. Do you want to know how to fix error in files? Get a solution by visiting this link

How do you fix a corrupted video file after recovering it from any storage device? It is also one of the most common problems facing many computer users since there are many improper recovery tools. Some recovery tools are good, while others may cause damage to your videos. If you came across video file corruption after improper recovery, then you can repair it using fix QuickTime file software. It is also able to repair corrupt video files after incomplete download. You will be able to repair videos corrupted due to interruption or CRC error while downloading. It is compatible with FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS+ and HFSX file system. You can perform Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003, Windows server 2008 and Windows 7 QuickTime file repair using this application.

The fix QuickTime file software enables you to fix a corrupted video file on Windows as well as Mac system. This software will also let you know how to fix choppy QuickTime video in quick time. It is easy-to-use program having all video repair steps user-friendly. It is also obtained in demo version so that you can know how to fix a corrupt video file and preview repaired file before purchasing the software. If you satisfied with this result, then go through the complete version of this software.

Sometimes due to virus infection or as a result of power surge when the QuickTime media file is being played may get broken due to which it becomes unplayable. Don't get upset! You can easily fix broken QuickTime file with the use of best QuickTime repair utility.

Steps to fix a corrupt video file

Step1: From the welcome window of the software select corrupted video and then click on “Repair” button as shown in Fig 1.

How to Fix a Corrupt Video File? - Welcome Window

Fig 1: Welcome Window

Step2: Now the software starts to repair selected video and once it is done, you can “Preview” the file as shown in Fig 2.

Fix a Corrupt Video File - Preview File

Fig 2: Preview File

Step3: Save fixed video file on desired location using “Save” option as shown in Fig 3.

How to Repair a Corrupt Video File? - Save File

Fig 3: Save File