Fix Choppy QuickTime Video

QuickTime is an excellent and most popular media player with small and attractive interface developed by Apple Inc. This media player uses latest streaming technology which automatically chooses the best stream in order to play online videos and movie trailers. QuickTime player supports several video file formats such as MOV, MP4, WMV, AVI, etc. and enables you to enjoy watching HD videos, music, photos and other media files with remarkably high quality.

QuickTime media player is available on both Windows and Mac operating systems. But, sometimes you may face problems when try to play your favourite video on QuickTime player such as audio and video synchronization problems, inconsistent video streaming or video doesn’t play smoothly etc. This might be due to choppy video file. If you are unable to watch your video on QuickTime player due to choppy file, then you will be searching a tool to know how to fix choppy QuickTime video.

But now you don’t have to panic or worried because, your search for fixing choppy QuickTime video has taken you to the right place. Here you will get an excellent fixer tool named as Fix QuickTime File Software. This is an advanced tool which can also be used to fix the problems that you may face when try to play a choppy video file like it can fix out of sync audio QuickTime and all other issues related to video files in a short span of time.

Following are the reasons which results in choppy video file

  • If your video file is severely infected by harmful viruses, then it will result in choppy video. Due to this, your video file does not play smoothly on any of your media player including QuickTime player.

  • File header contains all the necessary information about the file like file source, type, size etc. So, if the video header gets corrupted due to any unknown error, then it leads to choppy video which you won’t be able to play on QuickTime player.

  • While downloading videos, if any interruption occurs then you may get a choppy video which will not play smoothly on your QuickTime player.

These are not only the scenarios that result in choppy video, there are few more such as frequently changing video file extension, sudden system shutdown while accessing video files, codec issues etc. In all these situations you can make use of fix QuickTime File software which will easily fix QuickTime choppy video in just few mouse clicks. This advanced tool can also be used to fix audio lag QuickTime as well.

Fix QuickTime File is expert recommended software to fix QuickTime choppy video. It is fast and effective way for fixing choppy QuickTime video files. This tool can also be used to fix broken QuickTime files. It a perfect fixer tool to fix QuickTime choppy video such as .mov and .mp4 files. It has simp0le and easy to use graphical user interface which requires no technical knowledge to know how to fix choppy QuickTime video. Choppy QuickTime video fix can be easily done without any interruption as it is extremely safe to use.

Sometimes, you may encounter some weird error like QuickTime Error 2048 Couldn't Open the File, which causes corruption of MOV files. However, you no need to worry as this software will help you to repair this QuickTime error and make your video play flawlessly. It has advanced repair engine that let you know how to fix choppy QuickTime video in few mouse clicks. Apart from fixing choppy videos, fix QuickTime file application can easily mend H264 MP4 videos on all versions of Windows like Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, etc. you can even fix corrupted or damaged H264 MP4 video files on all Mac versions as well. This tool can also be used to fix iPhone videos. It has been loaded with Preview option which facilitates you to view the fixed video file before saving it back on desired location.

In order to repair MOV in VLC in any situation, you can use this tool efficiently. This tool is specially designed to repair MOV files that can be played in VLC, which are either corrupted or damaged. Other than MOV file, this tool is also capable of repairing MP4 file.

Simple steps to know how to fix choppy QuickTime video:

Step 1: Download and install the Fix QuickTime File software on your system. After launching the application select the video file that you want to fix and click on “Repair” button

How to Fix Choppy QuickTime Video? – Main Screen

Fig 1: Browse File Screen

Step2: Now the software begins repair process, one can observe it on progress bar displayed

Fix Choppy QuickTime Video – Select File

Fig 2: Repair Progress Screen

Step3: On completion of video fixing process, the application shows fixed video file with its file description

Repair Choppy QuickTime Video – Repair in Progress

Fig 3: Preview File Screen

Step4: Finally, save fixed video to your preferred location

Fixing Choppy QuickTime Video – Save File

Fig 4:Save File Screen