How to Fix Audio and Video Out Of Sync in MP4 File?

The above mentioned question is quite common among number of users as there are various types of scenarios that can partially corrupt the file, and make it play without proper synchronization of audio and video streams. When MP4 file gets partially corrupted, then audio may lag behind video or vice versa, also video continues to play but audio freezes and so on. If it happens with any of your special or most precious video file, and you are not having backup of that file, then it’s really exasperating situation. So, in this type of conditions, you may get tensed and opt for a repair tool to know how to fix audio video sync problems in MP4 video files.

However, to fix audio and video out of sync in MP4 file in an efficient and effective manner, you need to choose the best repair utility because, selecting an unreliable software can further corrupt the MP4 video and make it unplayable on any of the media player. So, use Fix QuickTime File Software as it is highly preferred and ranked application for fixing audio video sync problems in MP4 video file. Using this prominent repair utility, any user can know how to fix audio video sync problems in MP4 file. Other than MP4 audio video sync fix, it can also fix 8971 QuickTime error in a small duration of time.

What are the causes for audio video sync problems in MP4 file?

  1. Harmful Viruses: If MP4 video file gets severely affected by deadly viruses, then the file might get partially or fully corrupted, else there is possibility that you may face audio video synchronization problems when try to play a virus infected MP4 file.
  2. Interruption/Distraction: The MP4 video file can be downloaded from any site, also transferred to any storage system to enjoy watching it. But during any of these process, if any sort of distraction takes place like sudden shutdown of system, connection loss, abrupt ejection of external device to which the file is being processed, etc., can lead to above mentioned problems.
  3. Improper Editing: These days, you may find several apps to edit MP4 video files. But choosing unreliable app, or performing wrong video editing operation can leads to audio and video sync problems in MP4 file.
  4. Other Causes: The audio and video sync issues in MP4 file may also arises due to reasons like incompatible media player, codec issues, inappropriate settings on specific media player, mismatched audio and video frame length, etc.

The audio and video sync problems can be minimized or fixed by following few manual steps i.e., compressing audio and video bits, or adjusting the frame rate in MP4 file. But if you fail in this process, then use Fix QuickTime File software and know how to fix audio video sync problems in MP4 video file.

Outstanding features of Fix QuickTime File Software

Fix QuickTime File is an excellent and most recommended app by worldwide industry experts to fix audio and video out of sync in MP4 file. This tool also facilitates you to fix choppy QuickTime video in efficient manner. It has secure, quick and simple process to fix MP4 audio video sync issues. Using this application, you can also repair partially or fully corrupted MP4 files. It helps you to fix out of sync MP4 file on both Windows and Mac based computers. This tool has capability to repair any issues related to MP4 files stored in external hard drive, Pen drive, memory cards, iPods, etc. The intuitive user interface of this tool guides you how to fix audio video sync problems in MP4 file in few simple clicks. Other than MP4, it also has ability to fix QuickTime MOV files, and other types of video files in an easy way. If you want to know more about how to fix synchronization problems in MOV or corrupted/broken QuickTime file, then visit: Once done with fixing process, you can preview fixed MP4 file prior to restoration.

Steps to know how to fix audio video sync problems in MP4:

Step 1 – After downloading & installing the tool on your system. Select your MP4 file which you need to fix using "Corrupted File" option, & then click on “Repair” button from the main screen.

How to Fix Audio Video Sync Problems in MP4? - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: After the completion of fixing process, the software displays a list of fixed files which you can view using "Preview" option.

Fix Audio Video Sync Problems in MP4? - Preview Fixed MP4 Screen

Fig 2: Preview Fixed MP4 Screen

Step 3: Buy the software online to "Save" the fixed MP4 files.

Repair Audio Video Sync Problems in MP4? - Save File Screen

Fig 3: Save File Screen