Delete Cookies from Mac Mini

When you visit a webpage using a browser, that particular browser saves some information about that page. The next time when you visit that page again, the browser will first search for the saved information. This will make the execution faster and page takes less time to load. This information is referred to as cookies. Although this serves as a helping hand but still there are threats related to it. If someone hacks into your system, then these cookies might provide information like username and passwords of your email accounts, bank accounts, etc.

Therefore it is advised to delete these cookies on a regular basis. Most of the users have more than one browser in their Mac Mini. Removing cookies from each of them is different. Following are the steps for removing cookies from two commonly used browsers used in Mac Mini -

Delete Cookies in Safari on Mac

  • Open the ‘Safari’ menu in the upper left
  • Click on ‘Preferences’
  • Click the ‘Security’ tab with the lock icon
  • Click ‘Show Cookies’ button
  • Now click “Remove All” and ‘Done’
  • Your cookies have been deleted in Safari

Delete Cookies in Firefox on Mac

  • Click on the ‘Firefox’ menu
  • Go to ‘Preferences’
  • Click on ‘Privacy’
  • Click ‘Show Cookies’ or ‘Remove Individual Cookies’ button, depending on Firefox version
  • Click ‘Remove All Cookies’
  • Cookies successfully deleted

As each browser has a different way and option to delete cookies, therefore it becomes hard for any normal user to remember and delete cookies from each of them. In this case, a tool like Remo MORE will prove to be very useful. Using one tool, you can easily delete cookies from all the browsers. Just select the type of browser and the items you want to delete. Within one click the cookies will be removed.

Other than cookie deletion, other browser junk like Internet history, cache data and download history can also be erased very easily and within a single click.

The Remo MORE tool has an easy to use interface with descriptive steps. A person doesn’t require any kind of technical knowledge or guidance to operate the tool and delete cookies from Mac Mini. Moreover, the tool is absolutely free of cost that makes it the best choice among all the users. Just download the tool from the link provided and select the browser from which the cookies have to be erased. In a single click, all the cookies will be deleted. By ticking the Select All option, all the browsers will be selected and the deletion can be performed simultaneously on every browser. Other than Mac Mini, Remo MORE tool is compatible with all types of Mac devices and versions of Mac Operating Systems.

Steps to delete cookies from Mac Mini –

Step 1: Download the Remo MORE software and click “Optimize” from the main screen

Step 2: Select “Privacy Cleaner” option

Delete Cookies from Mac Mini - Select Privacy Cleaner

Fig 1: Select Privacy Cleaner

Step 3: Click on “Clean Browser Junk

Remove Cookies from Mac Mini - Clean Browser Junk

Fig 2: Clean Browser Junk

Step 4: Select the browser and click on “Clean

Erase Cookies from Mac Mini - Select browser

Fig 3: Select browser

Step 5: All the select data will be erased from the selected browser

Cookies Deletion on Mac Mini - Cookies cleaned

Fig 4: Cookies cleaned