Tool for Fixing Corrupted QuickTime Movie Files

“Hi all, please help me out to solve the problem which I am facing now. I just used iMovie application to edit a QuickTime movie on my Mac machine. My intention was only to add some effects on that movie. But, it’s rendering didn’t complete even after 2 hours. I tried to cancel the rendering. But the application itself stopped working. I just don’t remember how I quitted the software. I tried to play the file which I was edited on VLC media player on the same system. But, what I got was an error message saying like the following.

 “The format of file cannot be detected. Have a look at the log for more details”

I'm guessing that the QuickTime movie has become corrupted. I want to repair it. At the same time, I don’t interested to worsen the condition of that file. Can anybody tell me how to fix corrupt QuickTime movie file on Mac machine? I am using iMac core i5 machine with Mac OS X 10.7.5”

This kind of situation is not quite abnormal. Perhaps, you might have faced a lot of similar cases which result in the corruption of your QuickTime files. Did you sit and relax idle during such situations? Anyway, without a third party tool, it is not possible to fix such a file. Fix QuickTime File is a powerful utility which you can rely in order to repair your corrupt or damaged QuickTime MOV files. You can see some of the scenarios where this tool will be useful from the following.

  • Use of Unreliable Recovery Tools: If you are using unreliable recovery tools to get back deleted QuickTime files from your machine, there are chances in which the recovered files to be corrupt. Such files would not be able to play in any media players on either Mac or Windows machines.
  • Media Player Crash: Sometimes, your media player may get crashed due to numerous reasons while playing a QuickTime file. As a result, those file can get damaged. You have to use a file repair tool like Fix QuickTime File in order to fix the corruption issue of that file.
  • Other Reasons: A QuickTime file can also become bad due to other reasons like storage device failure, improper editing, file download error, etc.

Note: Sometimes, after trying to play some QuickTime movies on your computer, you may feel that the video is too blurred. It is not a case to worry, since you can fix blurry movies using this file repair tool without implementing any sophisticated procedures.

Significant Features of Fix QuickTime File Utility

  • This file repair tool allows you to repair damaged QuickTime files on Windows machines as well as Mac computers. For Mac systems, this tool offers a Mac styled interface. You can continue reading to know how to repair corrupt video files on Mac.
  • The repaired QuickTime file can be previewed on a Preview Browser along with some additional file attributes.
  • This software doesn’t modify the contents of original QuickTime file, instead it simply fetch out data from that file, repairs it and creates a new file to copy those data.
  • Using this tool, you can fix broken QuickTime file from different types of storage devices like hard drives, SSDs, pen drives and flash memory cards.  
  • This tool can also use for fixing corrupt MP4 files created on any HD camcorder or Smartphone.

Tail End: Sometimes while trying to open some QuickTime files on your media player, you may see errors like “QuickTime error 2048: couldn’t open the file” or similar. But, this situation can be simply avoided using this Fix QuickTime File Utility. Refer the following page to understand, how this repair tool fixes a QuickTime file:

Simple Steps to Fix Corrupt QuickTime Movie Files

Step 1: Install this software on your computer and then launch it. From the main screen, browse for a corrupted QuickTime file and click "Repair" button.

Fix Corrupt QuickTime Movie File- Home Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Software will now repairs the corrupted QuickTime file as you can see its progress.

How to Fix Corrupt QuickTime Movie File- Repair Progress

Fig 2: Repair Process

Step 3: The repaired file can be viewed along with its attributes.

Fix Corrupt QuickTime Movie File on Mac- Preview File

Fig 3: Preview Option

Step 4: Save the fixed file to any safe location.

Repair Damaged QuickTime Files on Windows- Save File

Fig 4: Save File