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Is your iPhone 4S is running short of memory and do you want to know how to reduce size of iPhone 4S videos in order to increase memory space on it? If YES, then don’t be panic because you have come to the right place. Here you will get an advanced compression tool using which you can easily compress iPhone 4S videos. Before that let us know what will be the impact of video files on iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 4S is a Smart phone which is developed and marketed by Apple. This Smart phone has been loaded with many multiple features and functions such as it can act as mobile phone for communication purpose, iPod to listen music, digital camera to capture images and videos, and it can also be used to access internet. Along with this functionality, iPhone 4S has been provided with many advanced applications like utilities, games, productivity programs and many other apps.

As mentioned above iPhone 4S can act as digital camera and offers an excellent iSight camera to capture or record high definition videos. All the videos that are recorded using iPhone 4S are large in size because of its high definition quality. If you store more number of video files on your iPhone 4S, then it may start responding slow to open an app, reduce the performance, and more importantly memory space of your iPhone 4S will get reduced which will not let you to store more amount of data on it. So it will be good for you if you know how to compress videos on iPhone 4S.

Why to compress iPhone 4S videos?

As mentioned in the above section iPhone 4S video files will be larger in size which consume much of the storage space. If you want to transfer these video files via internet or via apps it will take more time to transfer and sometimes it may not be possible to transfer such a large file. Even, it will be difficult to upload iPhone 4S videos on sites like YouTube. So if you can reduce size of iPhone 4S videos, then it will be easier for you to transfer videos on other devices, share over internet, send via emails, and more importantly it will free up the precious storage space on your iPhone 4S.

In order to reduce size of iPhone 4S videos or to compress iPhone 4S videos you may find lots of compression tools on Google play. But it will be very rare that any app is specially designed for iPhone 4S compress videos. Almost all the tools that you find will be suitable for PCs where you need compress iPhone 4S videos on computer and then get it back on your device. This may affect the quality of your videos. So the best and secure iPhone 4S video compression app is Remo MORE Software.

Remo MORE to compress iPhone 4S videos

Remo MORE is an excellent iPhone 4S video compression app that will effectively compress videos on iPhone 4S itself i.e. no need to compress video iPhone 4S on PCs. It allows you to compress multiple video files on your iPhone 4S to create a single Zip file. It will compress video iPhone 4S without compromising with the quality of videos. It has been loaded with simple user interface that guides you how to compress videos on iphone 4S in just a few mouse clicks. It also provides you an option to select compression level based on how much you want to reduce size of iPhone 4S videos. It has an ability to compress videos iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S and also on its older versions.

Steps to compress iPhone 4S videos:

Step 1: Download and Install the demo version of the software and launch the software. Select “Manage” option from the main screen and then click on “Compress File” option from the next screen to compress iPhone 4S videos.

Compress iPhone 4S Videos - Main Screen

Fig 1: Select Compress FIles

Step 2: From the next Window, Click on “Create Zip” option to reduce size of iPhone 4S videos.

Compressing iPhone 4S Videos - Compress Screen

Fig 2: Select Create Zip

Step 3: Now in the next screen provide the name of zip file and then click on "Proceed" option

Compress iPhone 4S Movies - Create Zip

Fig 3: Specify Zip Name

Step 4: Select video files that you want to compress.

Compress iPhone 4S Video Files - Select Files

Fig 4: Select Video Files

Step 5: Selected Video files has been compressed on iPhone 4S.

Compression of iPhone 4S Videos - Compressed Files

Fig 5: Videos Files are Compressed