How to Fix Audio Lag in QuickTime?

QuickTime (QT) is a multimedia player with a small and interactive interface developed by Apple Inc. It works perfectly on all major kinds of operating system versions. QT player plays various digital video and audio formats. It also comes with basic image viewer that supports various photo formats. QT player uses latest streaming technology to access instant video on Web and personal video files in remarkable high quality.

But sometimes when you open a video file on QuickTime, you may face various issues such as audio and video sync problems i.e. audio lagging behind video, video freezes but audio continues to play and vice versa, no audio or video stream etc. The most commonly noticed issue among all these issues is audio lagging problem. There are various scenarios that results in audio lagging problems on your QuickTime player.

 If you have come across any of such scenario due to which you are facing audio lagging problem on your QuickTime player, then do not try to play the file repeatedly. Because, there are possibilities that your video file may get corrupt which leads to loss of file permanently. However, this issue can be easily resolved or you can easily come to repair audio lag QuickTime by using an advanced repair tool named as Fix QuickTime File Software. It is an advanced utility built with unique features to effectively fix out of sync audio QuickTime or to fix audio lag problem in QuickTime player in a short span of time.

Scenarios due to which audio lag problem occurs

  1. Virus Infection: If your video file is infected by harmful viruses, then there are chances that it may get corrupt and results audio lag problems on your QuickTime player.

  2. Header Corruption: File header consists of essential information about the files which is required by the OS to access it. So, if it gets corrupted, then you may face audio and video sync problems when you try to play it on your media player.

  3. Improper File conversion: When you end up with errors while converting video file from one format to another, then there are possibilities that your video file may get damaged and leads to audio lag problems.

There are several more reasons that results in audio lag problems such as interrupted file transfer, codec issues, application malfunction, improper download of video file, improper video compression, power failure while playing video etc. In all these conditions you need to fix out of sync audio QuickTime and for fixing audio lag QuickTime the only software which comes with handy features is fix QuickTime File tool. In addition to this, you can as well resolve blurry movies or videos with utmost ease. Learn more about repairing blurry movies, refer to this link:

Benefitting highlights of Fix QuickTime File tool

Fix QuickTime File is a reliable way to fix audio lag QuickTime. This advanced tool has completely automated fixing process in order to mend out of sync audio on QuickTime. Along with fixing audio lag QuickTime, this effective tool also used to fix a corrupt video file. It also fixes the video files that are recorded by various cameras with faulty firmware. This application has an ability to fix large sized corrupt or broken video files. Lagging QuickTime audio fix can be easily done within few mouse clicks. It has strong fixing algorithms to fix errors or issues related to MOV, MP4 and M4V video files. This tool has simple graphical user interface that guides you how to fix audio lag QuickTime in few simple steps. This tool is compatible on both Windows and Mac OS for fixing audio lag QuickTime. It facilitates you to Preview the fixed file before restoration. Just visit the following page for knowing more about corrupt QuickTime movie fix using this tool.

Steps to fix audio lag QuickTime:

Step1: Browse for the damaged video file & click on Repairtab to resolve audio lag QuickTime.

Fix Audio Lag QuickTime - Main Screen

Fig 1: First Screen

Step2: Wait until the app repairs the video movie.

Repair Audio Lag QuickTime - Repair Progress Screen

Fig 2: Repairing Movie Screen

Step3: A summary report is generated. Then use "Preview" option to preview the repaired file.

Audio Lag Fix QuickTime - Preview Screen

Fig 3: Preview Screen

Step4: Now "Save" the repaired video file.

Fixing Audio Lag QuickTime - Save File Screen

Fig 4: Save File Screen