Fix 8971 QuickTime Error

QuickTime is a popular multimedia player developed by Apple Inc. for playing various media files including digital videos, music, pictures etc. Using this standard player, one can even play online videos in remarkable high quality. QT player supports various file formats and also compatible on Windows and Mac OS. But sometimes, QuickTime player may refuse to play a video file (.mp4) on Windows or Mac systems due to an error “could not open the file – Error 8971”. This error will usually occur due to corrupted video file. So if you have come across this kind of error then, what will you do? How can you fix a corrupt video file or 8971 QuickTime error?

Well, there is nothing to get worried about this problem! Why? Because this error can be easily fixed by making use of Fix QuickTime File software. This advanced tool has been built with many effective programs that let you know how to fix QuickTime error 8971 in an efficient way. Along with fixing 8971 QuickTime error, this application can also utilize to fix corrupt QuickTime movie file which is having various issues like audio lag and many other problems in a short duration of time. But before proceeding with 8971 QuickTime error fix, have a look at few common reasons behind QuickTime error 8971:

  • Damaged Registry: Windows registry contains important information or configuration settings of Windows OS. If it gets damaged, then you may face QuickTime error 8971. So registry problems play a major role for QuickTime errors like 8971 error and more.

  • Corrupt Video Header: If your video file header has got damaged due to severe virus attack, then there are chances that video file may get corrupt and become inaccessible on any of your media players including QT player and it also results in 8971 QuickTime error. So, to know how to fix video file header in a good way, follow this link:

  • Improper Download: While downloading video file, if any interruption occurs then the downloaded file might get corrupted, and when you try to play this corrupt video on QuickTime player, then you may face various errors like 8971.

  • Incompatibility: When you play the video file on incompatible version of QuickTime player, then there are possibilities that you may encounter with an 8971 QuickTime error.

Incomplete installation of QT player, bad sectors on storage device where QT video is stored, file system corruption, codec issues etc. are few more reasons that results in QuickTime 8971 error. However, in order to get rid of this error or to know how to fix QuickTime error 8971, you can utilize fix QuickTime file software.

Fix QuickTime File is an incredible tool which has been highly rated to fix various errors in QuickTime video files. It has an ability to fix severely corrupted large video files. It can also fix MOV file black screen error, green screen issues, etc.  This application is capable to separately repair audio and video data and then adjoins them to make a healthy and playable QuickTime file. It is safe, easy and fast process to fix QuickTime video errors. Using this utility, you can fix various video file formats like MOV, MP4, etc. It also supports you to fix corrupted or damaged video files stored on various storage devices like system internal hard drive, external HDD, flash drive, SD card etc.

The user friendly interface of the tool provides simple onscreen instructions to repair QuickTime error 8971 in just few steps. It is designed with completely automated repair process which helps you to repair unfinished MOV file in an effective and efficient way. It also supports both Windows and Mac OS for fixing 8971 error in QuickTime.  This utility can even fix or repair video files created using different cameras like Canon, Kodak, Fujifilm, Sony, Samsung, etc. Using its Preview option, you can view the fixed QuickTime video before restoration.

Steps to fix 8971 QuickTime error:

Step 1 – After downloading, installing & running the tool, select the corrupted video file & click on “Repairtab from the main screen.

Repair 8971 QuickTime Error - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: It shows a window after the fixing process gets completed with a "Preview" option. Click on it and play the fixed QuickTime video.

Fix 8971 QuickTime Error - Preview Screen

Fig 2: Preview Video Screen

Step 3: Get the software registered online and save the QuickTime video on your system.

8971 QuickTime Error - Save File Screen

Fig 3: Save File Screen